Telemedicine now available!

Dear patients, in response to nationwide recommendations for minimizing face-to-face office visits during COVID-19, we've adapted our day-to-day routine here at MD SkinCenter.

We are still here are ready to serve your needs!

1) Urgent Office Visits: Non-urgent visits will be cancelled until April 7. However, we continue to serve truly urgent and acute cases in the office. If you feel your case is urgent and you have not received a call from us yet, please call us at 815-484-9900.

2) Mohs Surgery: We are calling all patients scheduled for Mohs. Please wait to hear from us.

3) We're going virtual! We are offering telemedicine visits for appropriate appointment types. You can have these appointments "virtually" as a real-time, interactive video calls with our providers from the comfort of your home. The types of visits we can schedule as telemedicine visits are:

* New rashes, urgent rashes or rash follow ups
* Evaluation of concerning lesions
* Allergic reactions
* Eczema visits
* Psoriasis visits
* Medication refills
* Acne visits
* Nail evaluation
* Skin infection evaluation
* Hair loss / Alopecia
* Mohs consultations

This option will prevent you from spending time in waiting rooms. Going forward, telemedicine will increase access, reduce wait times, improve scheduling, convenience, and lower health care costs. Most insurance companies are covering these visits.

We invite you to call our office at 815-484-9900 to schedule your virtual visit.

We continue to be of service to you and look forward to seeing you soon "virtually"!